Thanks for all the Support! 


Hey everybody!! Hope all is well. I’ve been working on a project with a good Buddy of mine..Photographer Jeff Hofmann. Be sure to check out the new vids as we post them. Gonna be in an open Studio setting in Downtown Roanoke. I hope you’ll take the time to watch! Thanks!

April 19 @ Fork in the Market..first set.

April 25 @ The Penny Deux Lounge w/ Adam Rutledge

April 26 @ Annie Moore’s w/ Jeff Maiden

May 3 @ Daleville Town center w/ the Millionaires

May 23 @ the Quarter downtown w/ Jeff Maiden

May 24 @ Old School Pub w/ Kyle  Forry (BareFoot West)

May 30 @ Annie Moore’s w/ Jeff Maiden

Very thankful to everyone that has Supported the new CD “Red to the Bone”. Be sure to tell ALL your friends about it. Download it or come out to a show and buy a hard copy for yourself. You can also email me & I’ll ship ya one!

“Red to the Bone”

Now Available!


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