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Hey everybody!! Hope all is well. I’ve been working on a project with a good Buddy of mine..Photographer Jeff Hofmann. Be sure to check out the new vids as we post them. Gonna be in an open Studio setting in Downtown Roanoke. I hope you’ll take the time to watch! Thanks!

August 23 @ Wing Fest Downtown Roanoke w/ the Millionaires 5 oclock

August 31 @ Awful Arthurs Downtown for the annual Todd St Clair Benefit show

September 5 @ The Harvester Performance Center w/ the Millionaires & Rutledge Band

October 18 @ the Harvester Performance Center w/ Paul Thorn  7-10

Very thankful to everyone that has Supported the new CD “Red to the Bone”. Be sure to tell ALL your friends about it. Download it or come out to a show and buy a hard copy for yourself. You can also email me & I’ll ship ya one!

“Red to the Bone”

Now Available!


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